Full Snow Moon musings

It’s been a quiet and exciting and boring and whirlwind few months, with this Winter season acting so warm/cold/warm/cold/warm/maybe cold.

However, I’ve been moving towards manifesting some NateLand, and/or Natehouse and have a few very nice locations picked out.  Still waiting on the assessors and Contractors to give me a rough-idea estimate on a few things to see if “NateHouse is actually in my budget, but am willing to concede a year of living in a trailer or “tiny house” while the REAL house gets built over time, by trading contractor-fees for personal sweat-equity.

With the full moon today, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to start a monthly musing, and I’d like to theme this month as one of Gratitude.

poi_blessing2I am grateful for the bounty of friends that I have, both near and far.  While most of them are “far away” physically, I am blessed with the Internet and Texts that I can communicate with them easily.   One friend, who I have never met in person, but is always included in my mental accounting of “sending out positive vibes” , surprised me last month with an unexpected gift.   I almost shed a tear for it, when I opened the package, not realizing how Amazing it was, and a bit guilty because I am horrible at receiving gifts that I do not feel  “earned”.   But, in the interest of not insulting the Gift in the spirit it was given, I  received it openly, and have it hanging on my bedroom wall, in a place of honor, to see every evening.  (Pics to follow)   It is a broom, but more than that, it is a Proper Ritual Item.  It was crafted with leathers, and crystals, and fir cones, and the image of an Owl.   It’s a sacred Broom, and I love it!   Thank you, thank you, BrowerGoddess.  🙂

I am grateful for the bounty of Friends, and the hugs and love they offer.   I wish they were closer (or that teleport technology becomes commomplace!)  😉

I am grateful for the amazing Sprog that is my son.  He’s 12, and is growing into quite the awesome young man.  He graduated to his next belt in Karate, he’s in Marching Band, he’s involved with BoyScouts, and is overall a cool frood, who does know where his Towel is most of the time.    #ProudPapa
I am grateful for the roof over my head, for as much as I keep not liking it and wishing I was elsewhere, it has kept the weather away while I lived there.  It has allowed me to grow and learn what Not to like as NateHouse, and it is conveniently located to work and Waterfall, and Kid, so is really not that bad a place at all.   I have decent neighbors, considering everything.  I am grateful the rent was affordable, and the utilities manageable.  (I do miss not having a laundry right inside my own place, though.)

I am grateful for my continued health, and it’s slow and slow, (and did I mention slow?) progress to what feels like betterment.  I know others who have less.

I am grateful for the opportunity of another Day.   Each morning, an opportunity to grow, and learn, and Do, and Be.   (is it July yet?!)

And finally, since I need to close this post, although I have many other Gratitudes to post next time, I am grateful for you, oh reader of this blog.  Or, if none read it, to the Blog itself, for being written.

Thanks!  😀



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