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An Adventure Begins!

How interesting… just before my son the Sprogling’s 11th birthday, he received a strange letter which filled him with great excitement.  It was from a Professor Rhyan LaFont, and seemed to imply there were dragons and faeries around his garden!

The letter was received inside a fancy envelope,  sealed with wax, on distressed ‘parchment’, with no return address.   Contents as follows:

To the residents of this address,

          It has come to my attention that there are certain goings-on in the local region which have a rather odd proclivity towards mythic and metaphysic happenings abounding at the more floral parcels of land.   More simply put, I do believe there are faeries in your gardens.   I also understand your family’s temperament is such that it does not immediately discredit such thoughts.   This is very good!

Now, forgive me for such bold statements of Fairies (^and Dragons), without proof of fact, but I have been studying these creatures abroad, and wished to reveal to you some of my findings, in hopes that our shared knowledge may lead to the more solid sort of stuff. Treasure, to be truthful!

Ahh, and again, I must beg forgiveness, for not announcing myself at the onset of this letter! You must be shaking your heads in disbelief already, not knowing its origins!

My name is Professor Rhyan LaFont,  Scholar emeritus with the “Preternatural Institute Esoterica” (Established 03/14/1592)

While I am on my journey, I will happily share with you all my findings, and any riddles which escape my understanding. With luck, you can work out the answers for yourself. But be patient, for I am a busy man.

I do, however, look forward to further correspondences.
Until then, Yours in curiosity,

Prof. Rhyan LaFont

Also, Keep all the clues, riddles and artefacts you receive.   Patience will pay off in the end, as some clues may not make sense until another is discovered in the near future. They get harder as the Adventure continues, with hints for younger minds still included.

Here’s a few pictures for reference!

The Envelope – front     (details blocked out for privacy)

The Envelope – back

The Envelope – inner envelope

The Contents:

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Faery Festival @ Spoutwood – 2012

What has begome an annual tradition, we attended the Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival, with soem friends of ours, and really enjoyed ourselves.  The weather was gorgeous, the vendors were awesome, and the Mountain Tribe Rocked!

Before going, my son (the sprogling, to many readers here) made sure to tell all his friends that he would be donning his armor, and heading off to Protect the Beautiful Fairy Princess that weekend.   Here’s a great picture of the leader of the Mountain Tribe, calling on the spirits of her direction (with the beautiful Princess in white with orange face-swirls beside her).

He also made sure we brought “his drum” to the festival and carried it so that he could participate in the drum circle, and have a little video of it here.   Kinda bad quality as it is two short clips mooshed together, but I’m slowly learning the camera movie functions.  He drummed for a good half hour, and was rather intent towards the end.  Really getting into the energy of the thing, rather than “just making noise”.  My wife, Anne, and I seemed to have similar visions of him in his teens, at festivals, drumming all night, and surrounded by a throng of cute adoring fans.  (*oh my)

All together, a great weekend, and I can’t wait until next year!

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The Sitting Spot – Day 0

There’s a little spot on our property, which is shades by a big Maple tree, sitting precariously atop a crumbling stone retaining wall.   Below this is a flat cement area, where a barn used to be decades ago, and the perfect semi-secluded spot for small fires or other quiet time.   The cleaning ‘gutters’ from the barn are full of mint, lemon balm, and lots of wild weeds (mostly yellow dock and grass, with woody nightshade if I don’t keep it yanked out).

The rock wall has been buried by dumploads of composted pony-poo and mulch and other filler, to eventually be a steep, safer, slope of garden/grass, but this process will take a few years due to compaction of the soil and the sheer volume of wheelbarrow loads we’ll need.  Still, the vision in my mind is pretty nice.

I’ve decided to clean up this spot over the course of the summer, and make a (hopefully) semi-daily meditation while sitting in the area, after doing a few chores to clean it up and such.  I’ll eventually be setting up a little outdoor altar, somewhat inspired by the Bored Gods “Shrine of the Mists” in spirit, but with a bit different ‘look’ physically.

I’ll post pictures soon, but think that starting with the Superfull moon this coming weekend, and Beltane just past us, this is the perfect time to start a Big Project, that can be done it tiny little steps over a long season.

Wish me luck.  🙂

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Geeky Rites of Passage

I write this as a proud father of an 8yr old boy, who finds himself crossing the Threshold of Proper Fantasy Geek.

Before that though, I’m also happy to report another win FOR SCIENCE.

(warning: bugs and bits below.  You have been warned.)

This weekend, after a good day of playing around at a nearby farm, and being locked into the chicken coop by playful cousins, we discovered a spider mite or louse in the kid’s hair.  Now of course mom has a bit of an overactive “eww bug!” reaction, but after a recent purchase of a microscope at a yard sale, I figured “why not check it out”.

Of course, the kid was completely boggled by the fact that we “had a REAL microscope like the science labs?!”, but I assured him that it was a recent purchase and may be a bit blurry or entirely non-functional, but it was worth the attempt, for this particular Teachable Moment.

So, we grabbed a blank slide, wiped the copious dust from the lenses, and smacked a cover slip on top of the bug (it was a louse) and peeked through the eyepiece.  The little teeny hard-to-see spec was flailing it’s little legs around, and when the kid peeked through, his shriek of Joy was contagious.   OMG, MOM MOM, LOOK! IT’S MOVING! LOOOOOK! YOUCANSEETHEEYESANLEGS, and EVERYHING!

The afternoon then filled up with further micro-curiosity.  I plucked a hair by the roots.  The kid hesitantly yet stolidly plucked his own to compare (FOR SCIENCE!), and we brushed the dog to get a third hair sample.  A bit of lettuce leaf, an onion skin, the wing of a dead fly.  Sugar.  Salt.  Gourmet Salt flakes (not cubes). Water from the pond. Dust from under the sofa.  … all this flickered across the single “blank” slide that was included with the microscope kit. (a LEGO brick did not work, sadly, which I expected, and was a good lesson in optics and transparency necessary for Micro-viewing)

I’m sure we would have continued with flour, skin samples, and such but dinner time came and there were other chores to do.   Still, I’ve added microscope slide kits to my Amazon WishList, because my son already plans on trying more stuff to look at this week.  It’s pretty awesome.

As for the geeky Rites, I am also happy to report that we have just finished watching the Fellowship of the Ring, and  The Two Towers,with plans to complete Peter Jackson’s amazing trilogy at the end of this week.  We were a bit unsure if he was ready for it, but after being assured (by the kid of course) “I am eight, and Oh Yeah, I love epic battles.“,  we tried the first movie with a finger on the pause button just in case.

We shouldn’t have worried.

So far, Legolas is his favorite character, mostly for the action scenes with rapid-fire arrows.  He thinks Gimli is silly, especially during the battle for Helm’s Deep.  Aragorn is a good king, but dreams about his elf-love too much, but overall, the Ents attacking Isengard were the high point in both movies.

As he said loudly last night… “See, now THAT is why you don’t mess with Nature, right?!”     🙂

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