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MagicDuel monarchy Muse

As readers of this blog know, I am involved in a rather unique game called “MagicDuel” and have been for a number of years Off/On but always enjoyed thinking about even when not playing.
(mostly off recently due to LifeChanges mentioned elsewhere here)

Lately, some recent events happened in-game that coincided with Elections for the “homeland” I was a member of, for King/Queen.    This is kinda a big Deal, and was almost above my honest Aspirations for my role there. I’ve been quite content to do my own thing, in my own way, and make Quests, and be silly, and alternately Philosophical and Paradoxical.   One of the alliance leaders stated it best on our forums:  “As for Maebius, he’s just crazy”.

But, I considered the position, wrote up a slightly strategically-written Poster explaining my intents, ideas, and willingness to run for the Crown.

Then I won.


windy_topSo, since the holiday festivities are going on in-game, and lots of Bug-squishing is happening, I hope to see an announcement Soon ™ about it, and be granted whatever powers and keys the Kings get, and really begin to flex my mystical meta-muscles towards Marind Bell.    We already did a few things, such as ensuring the Shrine was cleaned up (no idle alts sitting there un-seen), and tested a few tools and techniques that might come in handy.

We also are planning a party!   Go me!  😛


Bigger plans are underway too, but not until the realm calms down a bit from the holiday schedules, and we organize better.   Those plans won’t (obviously) be posted here, or anywhere outside in-game PMs or forums or chat.  I’m pretty set in my preference to keep as much Game-stuff in Game-stuff, which I strive for with my old Council roles too.

I’m intrigued and excited at what the Demon of the East told me as well, about the nature of Monarchy.     This should be fun…..    🙂




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The budding comic-artist

Recently, my son has been drawing short 4-page comic books in his spare time, and is planning on a large 8-page one featuring Bulldogs playing Baseball (The Bulldogs are the school mascot/team name).

Here is a rare glimpse into the creative process involved in bringing these works of art to life.

I present to you,  “Electro-Charles versus Hairy Potty!”

Enjoy!   Transcript as follows:

Maebius: Here is the master comic, hard at work.

The Artist: Oh hi!   I’ll start with the face… Then draw the rest of the hair… The eyes, the nose, and the mouth…

The body, his legs, his arms…  I added spears since he’s in battle.  Facing a Hairy Toilet.

Maebius: Could you read the comic for us quickly before you finish the artwork?  So that the read… viewers of this video can see the comic?

The Artist(affecting his ‘erudite’ accent):   Alright, I’ll finish it later.

Electro-Charles versus…

Electro-Charles versus Hairy…

Electro-Charles  (points to picture) versus Hairy potty (points to picture).

(turns page) Zaaaaap!

(third page) Hairy potty is terrorizing the city with his henchmen.

(while pointing out features of the illustration) Henchmen… city people…  (Maebius mumbles something in the background to acknowledge the contents of the illustration)

(turns to final page) Electro-Charles defeated Hairy potty and saved the world.

Maebius: Excellent!  We’ll have pictures when the comic is finished and coloured.   Good bye.


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Where the Thunder-apples are

The kid’s been getting quite creative with adventures outside, turning our yard into a vast forest full of dragons and Pokemon(tm). His latest adventure, with Pikachu, the thunder-mouse Pokemon, was to find a stash of Thunder Apples, the only food Pikachu will eat.

Also, they are learning rhymes at school, so he had me help write down the “secret riddle” to help us find the thunder apples. I repeat it, with his permission below. So if you ever visit us, perhaps you’ll be able to find the treasure also! Enjoy!

When you walk into the yard you will see a tree.
But when you look up do not look for a bee.
If you do not look at the bee, you will be led to the smiley-face tree.
Next to the tree you will be on the other side.
And you will find another tree with great pride.
And that tree with great pride will have a tire-eye.
Then you walk back to the tree with two eyes.
and back again to the tree with a tire-eye
because there you will find the prize!

Now, for those who have not seen our yard, we have a pine tree with a smiley face Like these on it, and another with a small tire-swing. Thus, the tire-eye and smiley trees.

How fun!


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the [late] bird caught the worm finally

Note: Message today is related to World of Warcraft, an online game I play with great frequency.

Way back, I had posted a bit of history with my characters, and expressed interest and a goal of achieving “Moonkin form” on my druid.

I admit, I forgot to blog about that day, but it has come and gone. My druid Pohatu is currently lvl 63 and has now essentially mastered all the shifting forms with the exception of Epic SwiftFlight form. This is essentially the same as regular flight form, just faster and a bit prettier-looking.

So, I’m enjoying the druid as a ‘Tank’ far more than I thought I would. It’s hectic, being a new tank in the midst of random overpowered DPS. But random overpowered Healers being grouped with me makes it a little more ‘bearable’.
Tanking is frenetic, stressful, and ultimately quite satisfying when you know that your character stood face-to-toe with a Big Bad Boss-monster and kept the rest of the party safe.

Here’s a little photo gallery of how Pohatu usually looks (Tauren flight-form gets the brown model, Elves get the purply-black one)

Pohatu has the greyish Bear form in the lower left of This Image.

Likewise, he’s the dark grey/black cat form in the upper right of this here image. 🙂

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