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Update #1 after the Reboot

Well, it’s been a solid week since the November 2015 Reboot.   Lets check in with Me to see how things are going…


  • Drink less.
  • Read more (facebook/etc does not count as reading).
  • Get better sleep.
  • Eat better food.
  • Exercise more.
  • Grumble Less.
  • Projects more.


  • thumb_up Drink Less.   In general I think I have done OK here, in terms of “not every day” like I had been. This is a continuation of the last few weeks, as described in the Reboot Post initially.     However, this update should be mentioned because I visited some very dear friends in PA and wound up at the pubs three nights.   I still count it as “drink less” because I had the beer, and it was good, and did not crave More beer when I was getting ready to sleep, as I had been at home alone last month.   Mindful, social drinking is more than acceptable to me, because it is financially self-limiting, and logistically self-limiting as I don’t see my friends every day before bedtime.  So, my self-assessment is:   Going good!


  • thumb_neutral Read more (facebook/etc does not count as reading).    With the visiting of friends in PA for my mini-vacation, this really has not been done.   We’ll see how the next week of “normal routine” goes.


  • thumb_down Get Better Sleep.    Same as above,  the schedule lately was filled with friends and driving.  The sleep I did get was nice, but was greatly affected by Not-Working those days, and couch-crashing doesn’t count as Normal Sleep Routine.   We’ll see how the next week of “normal routine” goes.


  • thumb_neutral Eat Better Food.    Definitely a mixed-bag here, partially to do with the Vacationing aspects of the weekend.   There was a pizza-eating competition between my nephew and I, (tied for first, far too many slices to mention openly [15] …


  • thumb_up Exercise More.   I feel really good about this one.  Definitely something that is being done.  (and have the semi-blister on my foot, and sore ‘pecs’ to prove it today!)


  • thumb_neutral Grumble Less.    Mixed bag here, though I am definitely making an effort ot catch myself when I grumble now.   Was on a rant and stopped it the other day, which… I’ll count as Progress.     Baby Steps!  😀


  • thumb_up Projects more.    Definitely feeling ok about this also.   No real solid examples to choose from, but I did work on my website, and blogged this update, and setup some behind-the-scenes Stuff that will evolve into A Project that could be shared.   So,  due to limited time and visitations, I’ll count this as a “Definite Maybe”.    😀

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November Reboot

Wow, it’s been a hectic start-of-the-month, from Band competitions winding down, to my birthday, to the self-stressed Anniversary of my first night in my apartment (and thus, logistically “Separated” even if legally still married).  November is traditionally a limnal time for me, and more-so these last two years.   I’ve developed some good habits, and some bad ones.

Today, on the new moon, I have been working towards a Reset button for the last two weeks, and am Hitting it today.

This blog entry is to keep myself accountable, and track my Progress.  No need to follow along, but comments are always welcome to boost my ego Offer Encouragement. 😛  This may change once I adapt to the new habits, and the overall Arc of Change crystalizes better.


  • Weight:  189lbs.    Ugh.  Goal is 168 which I was when Tammy was doing her Fitness challenge, and I was unofficially keeping up, though this also was “stress not-eating” post divorce-separation also.  Still, this felt like a good weight, in terms of knees being happy, and clothes fitting well.
  • Jogs:    a block or so before feeling winded.   UGH!! (still can’t get stamina up, doctor just says exercise moar)
  • Schedule:   On average, finally asleep by 10pm at most, alarm set at 4:30am.  Usually can’t fall asleep earlier, even if in bed by 8pm. Brain whirrs too loud. …for hours.
  • Drinks:  Still wanting daily, some days powerfully.


  • Drink less.
  • Read more (facebook/etc does not count as reading).
  • Get better sleep.
  • Eat better food.
  • Exercise more.
  • Grumble Less.
  • Projects more.


  • Drink Less.   For the last year, I have gotten into the habit of drinking at least a beer (usually with a shot of scotch, or a martini) every night before bed.  Every night.  To the point that if I do not, I start eying up the cough syrup or counting pennies to grab a case of Yuengling or such to “carry the week”.  I don’t really tend to get Drunk, but will have at least 2 beers in quick succession (or the martini, etc) to feel nicely relaxed and lightly buzzed.   Less than that is “not enough”.
    At the full moon(ish) I stopped drinking.   I didn’t quite go cold-turkey like I wanted to, but consulted with my doctor and went a few days off, with permission to “finish the bottles I had” if needed.   That third day, I needed!  After a good week of SEVERE irritability and longing glances at the hand sanitizer bottle (eek!) I am now able to sip a beer with friends, nad stop there, and fall asleep without feeling buzzy.  Takes me a good hour to do so (see below), but the day I had my beer I fell asleep much more soundly.  So it’s still in the Learning Curve stage to reset that habit.   Still flashes of irritability or Scotch-would-taste-SOOO-GOOOD moments, but it’s definitely a phychological addiction-feel than a “must get buzzed” or longing for it at work, or something.  It’s definitely the Nightly Habit that is needing to be broken as a “pre-sleep-ritual”, in a sense.
  • Drink Less:   Due potentially to lack of sleeps and mild dehydration (hangover?) and over-tiredness in the morning, I am burning through a pot of Coffee a day, myself.   After the morning Perk-me-up-cup, I tend to sip it iced, in a big thermos mug through the entirety of work.  Weekends when it’s just the sprog and I, I can tell I get rather cranky and headache in the later afternoon.  Having a caffeinated beverage then for dinner perks me right up again.   This should
  • Read More. I used to work at a library.  I used to get picked on by my parents for not knowing where Anything was in town, because my nose was in a book as soon as my butt hit the car. (not while driving mine, while travelling in theirs!)  I used to read a solid hour before bed and Dream Wonderous Dreams.  I kinda lost that, and feel sad about Adulting too much lately. Reading is important. Not just for escapist fantasy, but for mental health and exercise.  Read more, instead of browsing Facebook/Netflix in evening, is my goal.  Less commercials and ads in books, anyway.  😛
  • Get Better Sleep.  See benchmark above.  My routine lately has me so wound up and alternately  stressed or Relaxed with free evenings ot Get Stuff Done, that even if I am technically in bed by 8pm on off nights, I cant actually fall asleep until closer to 10pm.  My alarm is set for 4:30am to get ready and into work on time. This involves a 20 minute snooze after the first alarm.  (I work 6am-2, but like to leave the house closer to 5:20).   Weekends when I can sleep In until whenever, I relish.  Usually still wake up around 4-5, but the best feeling is going back to sleep and waking up naturally around 9-9:30am!   guess I need more sleep!
  • Eat better food. This one is moving forward quite well, actually.  Lately, I have been making lots of “leftovers” for lunch, instead of bringing meat&potatoes every meal, with chips or trail mix, or other high-calorie foodstuffs.   My current favorite is “Jonerobi” salad, named after a co-worker.   Broccoli, red onion, carrot slices, bell peppers, feta cheese, and a mixture of black beans, garbonzos, and red kidney beans, Tossed together.  Each morning, slice some cucumber (or maybe mushrooms, or maybe both) into that day’s portion and dress with a homemade lemon balsamic vinaigrette.  I can make a huge container of this for the entire week, for under $7 and it keeps me full all day, and seems healthy enough!  Add a cup of yoghurt and granola for “breakfast” (interspersed with a fried egg to keep it different), and I already lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks.   Blood pressure (which was WAY up) has already simmered down too, with this one real Intentional change. (and almonds as snacks, instead of chips/pretzels/saltyCrunchies)
  • Exercise more.  Self explanatory.  My dear friend Nettle started running a while ago, and I am continually inspired by her progress and fitness (and figure).  Time to “step up”, pun entirely intended, and get moving myself too.  I started the Couch-to-5K process about 4 times now, but had the convenience excuse of “kid’s band/karate/scouts/etc Schedule” to keep me from it every other day.  I could probably swap the hour I watch Netflix and snack/drunk before bed to get some Physical Activity instead.  Tonight is day 1 of that.  🙂
  • Grumble Less.   Simple as that.   Practice Gratitude, and smiles more.  🙂
  • Projects more.   With the habit of chilling with Netflix and a beer, or long scrolls of Facebook in bed, I think I could probably do more Productivity Things with my time.  This one’s pretty open-ended, but is meant as a mental reminder to “Do Productive Stuff”.   It could be things that some may feel are not Important, such as “work on RPG game”,  or “Play Minecraft/Skyrim to finally finish that darn unfinished Quest”,  or “finalize the Treasure Hunt Things I started”,  or even “outline NateHouse floor plan, for 1000th time”, or “blog more”.   Regardless, these are things that give Me a smile, or Feel Productive, in the larger scale of things, compared to passively reading content from others, and intention is important.   I guess it’s like Artists and the advise to “go make Art”.   I need to make my own Art more, as I define it.

There ya go,  we’ll see what parts of this spaghetti sticks to the wall, and what sloughs off into the floor for ashes and Composting later.  🙂


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Serpent's Tongue – interesting?

Hey you RPG-playing friends of mine,

I funded a kickstarter program, which I thought actually looked cool.

I’m curious what you think of it, in a meta-game sort of way.

NOTE: this is not an add to get you to also join in.  🙂

Basically, take your average TradingCard Game, like Magic:TheGathering, where you play the role of a magi and must defeat your opponents.

The spells are “spoken” by decoding a little sigil/glyph on the card that corresponds to a key with “letters”.  Kinda like the secret decoder rings we used to have.    Simple level 1 spells are 3 syllables it seems.  (FUS RO DA!) and if you don’t say it right, you mis-cast the spell. (the pronouncing is on hte bakc of hte cards so others at the table can verify it’s correctness or not.

Instead of a deck, you put your cards in a little soft-cover “SpellBook” (that looks like it’s essentually a single card-holder sleeve on each page) to add to the feel of casting spells from your grimoire.

I really REALLY like the meta-idea of learning the spells “rote memory” the more you cast them, and get better at decoding the Glyphs on the fly as you familiarize yourself with the key over time.

What you think?   😀

Sprogling’s been playing Magic and made up his own “spell game” with his lego guys, so it’s ramping up to TableTop time in the next year or so.

I also kinda like the idea of this concept as a springboard for “learning about Magick”, as in the Hermetic sort as part of a more general study of different churchy type things.  His pen-pal in Brazil is wiccan so we’ve been discussing the differences between our more Unitarian/Methodist visitings, and the sort of ‘pagan stuff’ he finds at Fairy Festivals.

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Social at home?

Update: re-editing since the original posting ate my words.  Darn you internet gremlins!  🙂  Here is it again, slightly re-worded but accurate enough for me to post on my work break again….

Today I’ve been musing about the spread of “social media” and similar internet-based services and games, which provide a lot of value in terms of keeping in contact with far distant people we may have never met in-person.

Combine that, with the opposing viewpoint of such “fake friendship” degrading the real face to face social value of knowing our neighbors and townsfolk.

I tend to fall on the positive side of the debate, and agree that the internet is a wonderful tool for social networking and communication.  Be it chat rooms, online games, or FaceBook, there are people I talk to on a relatively frequent basis that I would never know if not for my online presence.

Still, I do hold onto a little corner of my mind that wonders if the ease of internet friendship is just a little bit detrimental to the larger social scene.  Perhaps it keeps people just that little bit more selfish.

After all, on the internet, you can pick and choose your friends much more carefully, and align the interests of your friends “just-so” to match your own.  If someone angers you terribly, it is much easier to “unfriend” them and just stop interacting.  Distance and internet pseudo-anonymity make it easy to ignore the person. Especially if your preferred method of contacting them has an actual “ignore/privacy” setting.

In real life, if you don’t like the crazy old neighbor, it’s tough to “unfriend” him.   You may stop saying hello, but in real life there’s always a chance of interaction with the neighbor, barring such extreme measures as moving to a new house, or becoming an agoraphobic hermit.

My muse is, does this shift cause a slow degradation of our cultural acceptance and social skills?

I think I mused about this last year, too, but it’s on my mind again.    Does dealing with the weird and oft-times unfriendly neighbors provide people with a much broader “acceptance” outlook towards diversity, and the lack of such result in the continued undercurrent of xenophobia in many people’s outlooks?

Or is such thought reading too deep into things and merely “scapegoating” the technology from what may simply be a human-nature situation that would happen regardless, and Facebook, et al, is merely the most common outlet for those natures to manifest?



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