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New Moon Musings – May 2017

An ancient Blog, discarded for a time, to renew and compost into thoughts of old patterns and new potentials…  like a nut on the ground it’s food long since snatched up and nourishing another, older body.    Yep, that’s us today.   😀  walnut

Recently, I lost my phone, for 12 days.  It had died, it had fried, it was gone and offline.   I was effectively Unreachable when not at work, except by the few times I popped online to login to my facebook messages.  Otherwise, totally incogNate-o.    All my e-contacts were gone (no , I do not back up to “the cloud”, and my physical paper-analog Address book did not have all names the phone did.)  Mental note: get better at updating Analog technology. 😉

This experience was actually fairly nice, by the fourth or fifth day.   I stressed over “DISCONNECTION!” for the first few days, and realized just how OFTEN I had been texting Tammy daily to coordinate the sprog’s activities and say hello, and a few other friends I usually SMS with outside of facebook.  But that eventually settled into the new routine.

I also realized what apps and things I used my phone for were actually “important” to me, and not just “time wasters”.   The garmin synch for my walks/jogs was missed.  as was Geocaching app. (and associated C:Geo app).   resetAlmost all the other Games and gadgets and gizmo apps were relegated to the Dustbin of Dis-use.     Overall, it was a great RESET.

However, I needed (ok, Wanted) a new phone eventually and wound up splurging a little on a Samsung Galaxy s7.   Another thing I had discovered (after how to text and add contacts , etc) was that I missed using the camera to send silly pics and capturing random moments with the kid.  Yes, it’s a symptom of the Social Media generation I suppose, but I rather Enjoyed visiting the waterfall once a week if just to update the “Cover photo” on my facebook.  So, New phone in hand, I set off to refresh that image.    THE CAMERA IS AWESOME!

20170524_141647.jpgCompared to the old device, I think this is a better camera than even a Real Camera I used to have back when married.   This phone rocks. It took the pictures shown here (but the smaller version posted does not do them justice).  My favorite is the “walnut” one above.  That was a happy little bit of Serendipity, where I was just snapping pics and wondered how it would focus if I just set it on the ground “upside down” near that walnut shell, and clicked the snap-pic button.   I was beyond pleased with the results!

That photo actually inspired a little “writing challenge” to be posted here later.

So now, with new phone in hand, a new “lease on life” and a new monthly payment (lol), I think I’ll endeavor to persevere and Blog a bit more too.   Might as well flex the fingers, since my Jogging/Walking the Year is also doing quite well with the warmer weather.  I personally hit 100 miles so far!   More than I’ve ever done I think. (or at least tracked.. which this phone can do too!)

The only thing that would make this reset even MORE exciting is if I payed off some debt and had less working-hours between the jobs… but that’s a brightness down the Tunnel for another time.   poi_blessing2A near-future time, so I’m looking forward to it, but today, it’s the little victories that count.   Every first step begins the Journey, after all!



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Adventure and Blog idleness?!

It seems the good Professor Rhyan LaFont has gone missing, and it is with hopeful trepidation that Spring may find his mailings unthawed and renewed.

This blog likewise has gone idle for a loooong time, and gotten away from my Musings.   Hopefully the new season will resolve that oversight.

Any burning questions from my readership of … 2?… you might be curious of my take on?  Otherwise, I’ll probably review the trials and tribulations of Buying Land here in the near future.   I’m in the process of looking for “My Very Own Dirt” currently.  That is slow going, and interesting, since the Big Dream is buy lotsa wooded land, and stick a Strawbale House on it, assuming the local zoning board of  _whereverDirtWindsUpBeing_ allows it.   Should be a fun adventure!

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Status Update – April 2nd Edition

Status Update – April 2014 Edition

Lets try this blogging thing again shall we?   At the very least to quell the nasty rumors that the Zombie Krab[sic] has devoured us all, and to adhere to the suggestion from my councilor to journalize some thoughts.  Some have been written privately, but some are appropriate for outside audiences.  🙂

Regarding the undead crab, it was, sadly, on it’s last legs.  He did not survive the night.  We did some research and found that both guppies and Fiddler crabs actually prefer brackish water, so I added a bit of sea-salt to the tank, in small doses, over a 4 day stretch, in hopes of slowly acclimating them to the new conditions.   Got two more crabs, and one lasted a grand total of 6 days (poor lady-crab).  The male so far has been surviving for just over three weeks now, but likes to hide inside the ‘castle’ decoration, so we do not see him more than every few days.
I like to imagine the tank ecosystem as now supporting a Mythic Claw-beast that emerges only in the dark of night, to ravage the guppy villages, only to vanish again without a trace, leaving only the lack of minnows as evidence he exists.   Proper Bogey-crab status, in my mind, which is a smile inducing thought.  So I’ll keep it.

I also got a very small Hypostomus plecostomus (aka: Plucky the Suckerfish) to help clean up the walls and surfaces my algae-scraper doesn’t reach well.  He seems happy too.

I’ll have to post an image of the Aquarium soon, because it really is a highlight and focal-point of my Happiness in the apartment.  I tried guppies back at the farm, but they never thrived.  Here, they have quite literally exploded in population.  Starting with a bakers-dozen-plus-one, the latest count is not quite “over 9000” but it at least over fifty guppies, with more ‘popping out’ every other week.  I’m hoping the population stabilizes eventually, but is beginning to, as new fry are slowly being …I guess devoured. I do like how the overall tank looks though.  It has a ruined castle, underwater caverns, a Stone Toad, and a floating Fishbowl housing plants and dirt (thus, an inverse Terrarium 🙂  )


UPDATE:  pic loaded!   Kinda blurry so you really can not see the plethora of Poecilia reticulata, but they are in there.     I’ll try to take a short 10second video clip, as part of the next Story, maybe.




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A new start to an old blog

Just a quick test-post to this WordPress site, to see if I still remember how to do things here.  🙂

I will be re-blogging in the very near future, but for less of an audience, and more “personal e-diary” style,  so anyone still reading me on their RSS feeds and such can expect little snippets of thought.    Wish me luck!

  (I think that’s the plan…  that may change as words flow from my fingers more)

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