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The Sitting spot – week 2

Been slowly cleaning up all the branches, rubble, and such around “The Sitting Spot” and mowed it twice now.

After spending a few moments over the last couple days actually Sitting and relaxing in the spot, I realized that I will not be re-seeding it with grass and covering up the cement with a layer of fine soil. The area seems top prefer being slowly overtaken by dirt, but the exposed foundations like being, well, exposed.
So I’ll merely tend the area and mow it and keep things pretty much as they are right now, in these two images.

All mowed and cleaned up a bit

Another view of the mowed and semi-cleaned area

The wall behind us is going to get braced up a bit more, and filled in with soil from above to make a nice embankment still.  Also, the area of sumac growth will be trimmed away anad a more structured arbor for vines will be built, but otherwise “the spot” is feeling much more near completion than I expected, this early in the project.

I guess this means I’ll be continuing this series with more meditative observations and musings, rather than logistical progress-reports.   🙂


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The Sitting Spot – days 3 & 4

Pictures!! (the last two days it absolutely Poured rain and thunder, so I didnt’ do much outdoors.)

They are a bit large, so I’m simply linking to them here, and you can follow them at your own risk.  I wanted to keep them as un-edited as possible, so you can fully see the starting state of the Sitting Spot.   🙂

First, a view from a bit more distance, as you walk from the house down towards our well.  It’s a mess, but you can see the general overview of what I am working with.  You can see the overhanging Maple Tree (with rope ladder), and the grown up weeds and general “mess” pretty well.

Next, another image from down below, looking “back” into the wall a bit more. This is probably the best view of what will eventually become the full “Sitting Spot”.   The pile of mulch & Pony-poo will be seeded and supported with a low wall, the weeds mowed down and grass-ified (while retaining the mint, lemonbalm, and other nice ‘weeds’, and maybe add soem ground thyme or such), and the trash will be cleared up.

Finally, a view from the “top” of the hillside, looking down over the area I’m reclaiming as The Sitting Spot.  Essentially, it will run from the low concrete wall on the left, to just beyond the concrete panel on the right, straight out from where the two tires are visible near the bottom.   I’m planning on covering the cement with a thin layer of compost, then spreading grass seed over it to make for really nice smooth barefoot walking.  I’ll keep the slightly different elevations caused by this old barn foundation, and the deeper “cleaning tracks” (just on either side of the futon frame) are where the mint and other “wildcraftables” will remain growing and tended.

The area to the east (left in the third picture just beyond the low wall) will be cleared of the sumac ‘forest’ and replaced by a sort of arbor, possibly for Hops, or grapes, or wisteria.  Just beyond that, there are some white Ceders planted, which should grow in a few more years to fully block the view “in” from that side.    Once that happens, the entire area is locked away from the “outside world” by the landscape, so will become a perfect little spot to meditate, read, tend small fires, and generally “unwind”.

Any suggestions from the readers on things to add to the space, feel free to post in the comments!

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The Sitting Spot – Day 1 & 2

Spent the day at Spoutwood farm’s Faerie Fest, a wonderful event full of wings and rainbows, and Springy Joviality.   While it was a good distance from our backyard, I consider this “preparation” for the Sitting Spot, by tapping back into that Community of earth-spirit-magic-ness, watching the kid get involved in the rocking Drum Circle, and otherwise just Being with a myriad of stranger-friends on the site.

I saw some neat ideas for little “altar charms”, and pondered some Deep Thoughts while staring into the sun.  (they have a really neat observatory there, and I looked through at the solar disk, which was AMAZING in it’s clarity and “zoom” resolution.   )

So, with yesterday spent observing and outlining Intent, today was spent offsite, to collect my dreams and let whatever magick filtered back by tomorrow simply happen and soak in.

The next day, we spent returning home after relaxing with some friends and taking our time driving, so we didn’t feel rushed.   It was a lovely day, and an easy drive (though 5.5 hours still seems long once it’s almost over!)

I’ll consider it at least a day to Ponder the Sitting Spot, and recharge my batteries for actual “Work” this week.

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