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Strong-Arm Stew, by chef Douglas

One of the kid’s favorite recipes that he “created” is Strong Arm Stew.
The Chef at Work
So named because chopping the veggies and ingredients helps build arm muscles, plus, eating such healthy food keeps you strong and healthy!

Every incarnation is slightly different, as local ingredients and “whats in the fridge” changes and shifts depending on seasons.  but overall, this stew has been consistently DELICIOUS!

The basic recipe is as follows:

  • Water (to make the broth)
  • Stock or Bullion
  • Meat of some sort
  • Any and all Veggies he can find to chop up.

In last night’s version, the total ingredients were as follows:

Pot of Water and one Bullion cube

about 1 cup of sirloin or t-bone steak chopped into bite-sized chunks.

a handfull of real bacon bits. (crumbled bacon)

4 small peices of hamburger

3 stalks of celery, chopped

a cup of corn

a carrot, sliced thin.

one half onion, chopped

a big handful of steamed Kale chopped

a couple shakes of garlic powder

one leftover baked potato, chopped

one half leftover Sweet Potato (yam), chopped

A handfull of “tater tots”

about a cup of Steamed Zucchini, sliced  (leftovers from yesterday’s dinner)

hearty dash of ” Spice”.  (see below)

The Chef at Work

*”Spice” (said as in Dune “Spiiiice”) is a concoction of random ingredients all dried and powered together for sprinkling on food. It’s basically sea salt, dulse, dried portabella, ginger, chipotle chili, black pepper, garlic powder, basil, and lambs-quarters.

StrongArm Stew

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Geeky Rites of Passage

I write this as a proud father of an 8yr old boy, who finds himself crossing the Threshold of Proper Fantasy Geek.

Before that though, I’m also happy to report another win FOR SCIENCE.

(warning: bugs and bits below.  You have been warned.)

This weekend, after a good day of playing around at a nearby farm, and being locked into the chicken coop by playful cousins, we discovered a spider mite or louse in the kid’s hair.  Now of course mom has a bit of an overactive “eww bug!” reaction, but after a recent purchase of a microscope at a yard sale, I figured “why not check it out”.

Of course, the kid was completely boggled by the fact that we “had a REAL microscope like the science labs?!”, but I assured him that it was a recent purchase and may be a bit blurry or entirely non-functional, but it was worth the attempt, for this particular Teachable Moment.

So, we grabbed a blank slide, wiped the copious dust from the lenses, and smacked a cover slip on top of the bug (it was a louse) and peeked through the eyepiece.  The little teeny hard-to-see spec was flailing it’s little legs around, and when the kid peeked through, his shriek of Joy was contagious.   OMG, MOM MOM, LOOK! IT’S MOVING! LOOOOOK! YOUCANSEETHEEYESANLEGS, and EVERYHING!

The afternoon then filled up with further micro-curiosity.  I plucked a hair by the roots.  The kid hesitantly yet stolidly plucked his own to compare (FOR SCIENCE!), and we brushed the dog to get a third hair sample.  A bit of lettuce leaf, an onion skin, the wing of a dead fly.  Sugar.  Salt.  Gourmet Salt flakes (not cubes). Water from the pond. Dust from under the sofa.  … all this flickered across the single “blank” slide that was included with the microscope kit. (a LEGO brick did not work, sadly, which I expected, and was a good lesson in optics and transparency necessary for Micro-viewing)

I’m sure we would have continued with flour, skin samples, and such but dinner time came and there were other chores to do.   Still, I’ve added microscope slide kits to my Amazon WishList, because my son already plans on trying more stuff to look at this week.  It’s pretty awesome.

As for the geeky Rites, I am also happy to report that we have just finished watching the Fellowship of the Ring, and  The Two Towers,with plans to complete Peter Jackson’s amazing trilogy at the end of this week.  We were a bit unsure if he was ready for it, but after being assured (by the kid of course) “I am eight, and Oh Yeah, I love epic battles.“,  we tried the first movie with a finger on the pause button just in case.

We shouldn’t have worried.

So far, Legolas is his favorite character, mostly for the action scenes with rapid-fire arrows.  He thinks Gimli is silly, especially during the battle for Helm’s Deep.  Aragorn is a good king, but dreams about his elf-love too much, but overall, the Ents attacking Isengard were the high point in both movies.

As he said loudly last night… “See, now THAT is why you don’t mess with Nature, right?!”     🙂

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The budding comic-artist

Recently, my son has been drawing short 4-page comic books in his spare time, and is planning on a large 8-page one featuring Bulldogs playing Baseball (The Bulldogs are the school mascot/team name).

Here is a rare glimpse into the creative process involved in bringing these works of art to life.

I present to you,  “Electro-Charles versus Hairy Potty!”

Enjoy!   Transcript as follows:

Maebius: Here is the master comic, hard at work.

The Artist: Oh hi!   I’ll start with the face… Then draw the rest of the hair… The eyes, the nose, and the mouth…

The body, his legs, his arms…  I added spears since he’s in battle.  Facing a Hairy Toilet.

Maebius: Could you read the comic for us quickly before you finish the artwork?  So that the read… viewers of this video can see the comic?

The Artist(affecting his ‘erudite’ accent):   Alright, I’ll finish it later.

Electro-Charles versus…

Electro-Charles versus Hairy…

Electro-Charles  (points to picture) versus Hairy potty (points to picture).

(turns page) Zaaaaap!

(third page) Hairy potty is terrorizing the city with his henchmen.

(while pointing out features of the illustration) Henchmen… city people…  (Maebius mumbles something in the background to acknowledge the contents of the illustration)

(turns to final page) Electro-Charles defeated Hairy potty and saved the world.

Maebius: Excellent!  We’ll have pictures when the comic is finished and coloured.   Good bye.


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Spelling words for this week – the musical

The kid made up a song for his spelling words and we recorded him singing it. He wanted to share it with everyone, so hopefully this works….
(link to the video if the embed does not work:

This week’s spelling words, made into a song, to the tune of “Loony Tunes”.

I do NOT want to play with you,
I sent you a NOTE.
Bunnies just HOP around,
I’ll get to school I HOPE.
I’m fishing with my new ROD
I RODE in the car.
TOT is for toddler,
you put things in a TOTE.
I take a bath in the TUB,
straws are mini-TUBEs.
Everyone knows what a bear CUB is,
at school we have a CUBE.
US means you and me,
we USEd up the ice-cream maker.
I can CUT with scissors,
my mother thinks I’m CUTE.
I eat BECAUSE I’m hungry,
your letter is FROM meeeeee——————————————————-!

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