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As readers of this blog know, I am involved in a rather unique game called “MagicDuel” and have been for a number of years Off/On but always enjoyed thinking about even when not playing.
(mostly off recently due to LifeChanges mentioned elsewhere here)

Lately, some recent events happened in-game that coincided with Elections for the “homeland” I was a member of, for King/Queen.    This is kinda a big Deal, and was almost above my honest Aspirations for my role there. I’ve been quite content to do my own thing, in my own way, and make Quests, and be silly, and alternately Philosophical and Paradoxical.   One of the alliance leaders stated it best on our forums:  “As for Maebius, he’s just crazy”.

But, I considered the position, wrote up a slightly strategically-written Poster explaining my intents, ideas, and willingness to run for the Crown.

Then I won.


windy_topSo, since the holiday festivities are going on in-game, and lots of Bug-squishing is happening, I hope to see an announcement Soon ™ about it, and be granted whatever powers and keys the Kings get, and really begin to flex my mystical meta-muscles towards Marind Bell.    We already did a few things, such as ensuring the Shrine was cleaned up (no idle alts sitting there un-seen), and tested a few tools and techniques that might come in handy.

We also are planning a party!   Go me!  😛


Bigger plans are underway too, but not until the realm calms down a bit from the holiday schedules, and we organize better.   Those plans won’t (obviously) be posted here, or anywhere outside in-game PMs or forums or chat.  I’m pretty set in my preference to keep as much Game-stuff in Game-stuff, which I strive for with my old Council roles too.

I’m intrigued and excited at what the Demon of the East told me as well, about the nature of Monarchy.     This should be fun…..    🙂




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A MagicDuel sorta Poem

Write a poem about how you were a good magicduelist the whole year in four lines, you say?


Maebius_AvatarThe year sat idle, at it’s start, as I attended matters of the heart. So in the MD realm I strayed, in “Story mode” I am afraid.

However in the years more past, I was more active than this last. Yet do not think this counts for you, since echoes task, more recent, true.

So I must shorten up this verse, to only infrequently rehearse, my MD actions at years end, but welcomed now by you, my friend.

I’ve quested, and made quests for groups, and watched tehm jump through clickie hoops. Now reaching for the crowns we vote, and that’s four line, and all I’ve wrote.

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The weather was gorgeous today, so I decided to lace up the old trainers (sneakers), and get outside.    Loaded Runkeeper app on my tablet again, and hit the streets and sidewalks.

My original goal was a 5.02 mile course, to qualify for the Virtual Race I registered for, and really want the medal of.   However, the course was a figure eight, essentially going “around the blocks” both in two directions, and since country living means one “block” was already 4 miles….. well, it started looking really dark on the horizon and sprinkles were just starting to drip periodically across the breeze, I decided to stop with just one loop, and prevent the techno-gadgets that were in my pocket from getting soaked.


Still, I’m quite proud of my accomplishment today!   I walked more than I ran, which of course should improve with time.     Best time yet though, for that distance.  I didn’t use the app for the last two excursions, and simply looked at my watch for “general feedback”.

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Update #1 after the Reboot

Well, it’s been a solid week since the November 2015 Reboot.   Lets check in with Me to see how things are going…


  • Drink less.
  • Read more (facebook/etc does not count as reading).
  • Get better sleep.
  • Eat better food.
  • Exercise more.
  • Grumble Less.
  • Projects more.


  • thumb_up Drink Less.   In general I think I have done OK here, in terms of “not every day” like I had been. This is a continuation of the last few weeks, as described in the Reboot Post initially.     However, this update should be mentioned because I visited some very dear friends in PA and wound up at the pubs three nights.   I still count it as “drink less” because I had the beer, and it was good, and did not crave More beer when I was getting ready to sleep, as I had been at home alone last month.   Mindful, social drinking is more than acceptable to me, because it is financially self-limiting, and logistically self-limiting as I don’t see my friends every day before bedtime.  So, my self-assessment is:   Going good!


  • thumb_neutral Read more (facebook/etc does not count as reading).    With the visiting of friends in PA for my mini-vacation, this really has not been done.   We’ll see how the next week of “normal routine” goes.


  • thumb_down Get Better Sleep.    Same as above,  the schedule lately was filled with friends and driving.  The sleep I did get was nice, but was greatly affected by Not-Working those days, and couch-crashing doesn’t count as Normal Sleep Routine.   We’ll see how the next week of “normal routine” goes.


  • thumb_neutral Eat Better Food.    Definitely a mixed-bag here, partially to do with the Vacationing aspects of the weekend.   There was a pizza-eating competition between my nephew and I, (tied for first, far too many slices to mention openly [15] …


  • thumb_up Exercise More.   I feel really good about this one.  Definitely something that is being done.  (and have the semi-blister on my foot, and sore ‘pecs’ to prove it today!)


  • thumb_neutral Grumble Less.    Mixed bag here, though I am definitely making an effort ot catch myself when I grumble now.   Was on a rant and stopped it the other day, which… I’ll count as Progress.     Baby Steps!  😀


  • thumb_up Projects more.    Definitely feeling ok about this also.   No real solid examples to choose from, but I did work on my website, and blogged this update, and setup some behind-the-scenes Stuff that will evolve into A Project that could be shared.   So,  due to limited time and visitations, I’ll count this as a “Definite Maybe”.    😀

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